INGLEPARK - Comicbook Volume 1 + Chicago Action Figure by Hidden Works

Comic book author Chakib Hazaimia shares with TOYSREVIL news of the action figure of the main protagonist (Chicago) of his next comic book “INGLEPARK”, being made in collaboration with Chinese toy designer Hidden Foo ( / / And while the release of the toy itself (seen in promo video above and here on Facebook) is still pending, the comicbook can be procured somewhen soon on

ABOUT THE TOY: "Based in Beijing, China, toy designer Hidden Foo gives life to Chicago, by creating an exclusive collectible action figure of the main character of INGLEPARK. With a size of 12", the figure is dressed in tailored clothes, handmade by the artist. In addition to an INGLEPARK baseball jersey, a camouflage cargo pants, the figure wears a San Francisco Giants cap, and a pair of Reebok Pump Omni Lite, true to the character's outfit in the Volume 1 of INGLEPARK.

Conducted in close collaboration with CHAK, the author of INGLEPARK, a very limited production serie is considered. INGLEPARK - Volume 1 will be available soon."
Mockup - INGLEPARK - Volume 1
STORY: "Los Angeles, early '90s … In the district of INGLEPARK, the Outlawz are the law, Chicago is their leader. One night, stopped at a red light in the dark and dangerous streets of INGLEPARK, Chicago is shot in a failed carjacking attempt... At his funeral, a gunfight broke out between the Outlawz and thugs driving by, probably of the same crew as the killer. A few weeks later, it's pouring down raining over the city, the thunder rumbles and the earth shakes above the tomb of Chicago... ...he's back from the dead ! And he is determined to seek revenge and to put to an end any shadow of a doubt to his murder !"

Go, Go, Power Rangers! Toy & Film Reveals! Mighty Morphing Power Rangeeeeers!


A slew of POWER RANGERS newsery to be shared here today (because it’s a Sunday and I like to have “fun” and geekout a lil’ more than usual on Sundays … and also because the Power Rangers TV theme song has been suck on my mind since the morning URGH :p), including looks at the feature film currently in production, a fun fan-art, and toy-news!

First up, we take a look at the recently revealed image of Limited Edition Tokyo Vinyl® Mighty Morphin Power Rangers DINO MEGAZORD (above), as designed by TOUMA, and to be unleashed at New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) at the Bandai America booth #1628! Limited to 500pcs available in the U.S. and standing an oversized 8.5 inches tall, with a SRP of US$60 per. (

If you folks remembered TOUMA designed a slew of Power Rangers for their offshoot brand “Tokyo Vinyl” not too long ago… I only own the Red and Blue Megaforce Rangers … :)

As as-yet-revealed “First Movie Toy New York Comic Con Exclusive” from the feature film will also be made available on-site - in a quantity of 100pcs - each priced at US$40. I have no doubt POWER RANGER movie will be invading NYCC!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

From their official Twitter @ThePowerRangers comes reveals of both the Actors, and partial reveals of their Mech for the Saban feature film! (FULL Images since posted on #PopcornX).

And we end off this blogpost with a look at a fanart parody of their recently revealed stand-side-by-side looking-into-the-distance snap, with this GORILLAZ mashup, courtesy of Eddie Holly!

Gorillas Rangers versus Power Rangers Film
Power Rangers Cast

Androids Series 6 - More Reveals including CHASE Editions!

Androids 6 Update

a HUGE Androids Series 6 update here, featuring more reveals of the “basic/regular” editions, as well as two CHASE Editions! Check out my earlier post HERE for full updates!

TWO CHASE Edition Androids has since been revealed, with the above being the PRINCE Android from Igor Ventura, making a schweet set with his KING and QUEEN Androids, while Colus reveals his splendid black-n-white design for "Sangoma"! Colts also mentioned that he will be selling his APs / Artist Proofs at DesignerCon, so folks heading to the annual event can keep a keen eye out!

A photo posted by colus havenga (@colus) on

The Coming of 1:1 scaled GUSTAV by Brandt Peters x VTSS Toys

Here’s a peek at “GUSTAV” from Brandt Peters x VTSS Toys, with this unpainted beast sized at whopping approx 27" tall (1:1 scale)! Brandt also mentioned that there will small exclusive editions (unconfirmed what materials they will be tho… although I’d imagine the large sized ones to be in fibreglass?) and that Kathie Olives ALSO has a mega piece as well!

VTSS mentioned the “blank” shown here is for Brandt to paint, and wonder if this’ll be the “master”? Or a one-off-painted custom? EXCITED either way!

Fans better start setting raised both space to display, and cashmonies to snag these critters! Stay connected on IG @brandtpeters and @circusposterus, and of course @vtsstoys :)

THE LAST RIDE by Fools Paradise for #TTF2016 & Sept 28 Online Drop

The Last Ride from Fools Paradise

After the Batmobile seen in Keiko Joker , the dark knight detective’s vehicular beast next reveals THE TUMBLR - from the Chris Nolan directed trilogy of feature films - and this looks to the “THE LAST RIDE” (…or at least the name?) for Fools Paradise’s ”Coin Rides Game” series (…or at least the Batman themed series?)

The first batch (“Comic Version”) releases at the coming Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10), with neither quantities nor price revealed as yet. Online release is scheduled for September 28th @ 00:00am on

The Last Ride WIP
The Last Ride TTF2016
The Last Ride WIP

16BK (16 Bit Keshi) Drop from Bigmantoys and Creature Factory + #3DPrinted GG Allin

From Bigmantoys and Creature Factory comes a new line of rubber keshi minifigures based on gaming icons from the 80s and 90s, called 16BK (16 Bit Keshi). Release is scheduled for October 1st, Midnight London time, 19:00 EDT @, with the PU rubber and resin-made item(s) sized 1.8”, and priced at US$25 for the flesh 2-pack, and $14 each for the resin one-offs.
"The line launches with the Mortal Kombat inspired "MUSCLE Kombat" by Bigmantoys and Robocop-inspired "Robokeshi" by Creature Factory. They will be released as a flesh-color rubber 2-pack, with a limited run of open colorway one-off resin figures at first release .
Both artists share a love of retro console gaming and are constantly modelling new characters and releasing them in 3D printed format. This series will consist of their very best collective sculpts, with each of them being printed in the highest available detail, and hand-cast in PU rubber and resin. "

"Bigmantoys will also be releasing his own 3-D printed ABS bust of underground rock'n'roll legend GG allin. The snarling, dog-collared scumbag stands at 5" tall, is made from glow-in-the-dark yellow ABS, and is limited to 10 pieces at just $30 each."


Bigshot Toyworks for #NYCC2016

Bigshot Toyworks return to New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) once again, this time exhibiting a retrospective display of their past work, as well as showcasing new and upcoming projects, in Booth #309 in "The Block." New projects, characters, and collectible toys will be on display and for sale in the booth, including:

- The Jason Freeny Gnomeboy Anatomic figure co-designed by Jason and Klim. Sculpted and produced by Bigshot.
- An early release of the Mother Earth 14" art object designed by AngryBlue. Sculpted and produced by Bigshot.
- Their super chibi Southern Fried Gentleman figure designed by Klim and produced by Bigshot.
- Introducing "UNICROM the Unicorn Barbarian" designed by BSTW for Jon Shnepp and Schneppzone.
BSTW PRESS: "In addition to the above new releases, we will also have our other products available for sale: the hilarious FUnicorn sculptures, the award-winning All City Style trains, the amazing Four Horsies of the Pocalypse figures, and a few Mike Mignola Monkey with a Gun sculptures. Please stop by to check us out at Booth 309. We will have some giveaways at the booth including Walls360 graphics, stickers, buttons and postcards."

Rato Kim’s BOXCATS at #TTF2016

Earlier in the day I featured what BoxCats South Korean artist Rato Kim will be available at the coming New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) … THIS post however, is about what she will be offering folks at Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10)!

Let’s see … we have BreadCat, WatermelonCat, PeachCat, Pumpkin Cat, WoodCat, AND A TAIWAN SPECIAL as yet revealed!

I think she needs to make a special “takeaway box” to fit ALL the BoxCats because I don’t think they’ll hang around for much long on the display shelves at the BOOM!BOOM!POOM! Booth A-29!

Damn I wanna go TTF…!

#PublicGarden Consumer Trade Show 2016 @ Suntec City Convention Center (Sept 24-25)

Funny how I relate to things depending on their surroundings/environment … as I perused the entire Public Garden Consumer Trade Show at Hall 403 in Suntec City Convention Center today, my eyes were somewhat focused on looking out for (what else) “TOYS”, and as well indie art and illustrations done made multiple merchandize, in the Singapore climate of survival, and realizing with what I picked up (showcased below, of course), might have been somewhat “lost” amidst a thronging event such as STGCC2016, where similarly themed of all shapes, sizes and forms - much less color - bombard and battle to attract your attention!

Somewhat like finding THAT one sole stall in the night “pasar malam” (temporary/makeshift “night market”) that sold toys, amidst all the makan, telephony, and faux-antique stalls! Then finding out none of the bootlego and bootleg toys suit your tastes, even though they cater perfectly to your financial ability … *cough*.

All of which begs to differ, a question I’d love to ask ALL artists and artisans out there = “What Makes Your Work Stand Out Amongst Everyone Else’s?”

As for “what earns you more money?”, well, might be a while either round of Q&A … anyways…

Public GArden 2016

Scroll down for some snaps of goodness I snagged at the said Public Garden Consumer Trade Show, which opens 1pm-7pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and ends Sept 25th, 2016. Level 4, Hall 403 :)

WHAT-IS: "Public Garden is an alternative to big-box enterprise with a free spirit. Each project aims to provide surprising benefits to the public, in both tangible and intangible ways…

…Public Garden Consumer Trade Show is held a couple of times a year and features hundreds of top labels in design, art, fashion, vintage, beauty, dining and publishing. There is no restriction on industries. Anyone with an interesting brand concept can apply to join Public Garden Consumer Trade Show."

The art of illustrator Munich AKA Satsuma Orange ( / Etsy / Facebook) had me with her “family portrait” depictions of Studio Ghibli characters (BOUGHT!) and most notably characters from Wes Anderson movies! Excitedly I picked “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”, while others called out to me … alas it was only afters that I realised there was a smaller-sized card pack which contained ALL Wes Anderson movie characters AAARRRGGGHHHHHH … next time, next time…

Meanwhile, I’ve snagged some snaps off her Instagram @thesatsumaorange to share "Wes Anderson Film Characters" here on #popcornX and "Studio Ghibli Anime Film Characters" here on #iNotOtaku! :)

Another discovery were the products from MM Mrkt (, featuring Star Wars themed character, vehicular and android/robot reproductions in concrete! And while I am aware that this material is gaining traction through the globe (ok, at least the South East Asia region :p), this is the first time I see and hold the item(s) so close!

Barring the bigger pieces - because seriously I need to add to the already bludgeoning hoard in my kingdom - I walked away with a trio of head-sculpts, featuring Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper, all finished in a metallic silver sheen, snaps of which I show here, although not being able to fully show the material.

You can folks can head on over to #starwarsallday to view more images swiped from their Instagram @mm_mrkt, and hit them up for goods if you so please! I would say “mention TOYSREVIL” but they might have zero clue, as I didn’t introduced myself hahahaha

#DarthVader in concrete by @mm_mrkt - with all three pieces finished in metallic silver FTW!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Another table which caught my attention, where I’d not been able to walk home with any merch from, is Chris Chew’s (Instagram @artof.chris). His printed illustrations of old school Singapore stuff was sublime, and I had my heart set on the “old school snacks” series - which alas he had not for sale then!

The current trend of retro-lookbacks is nigh interesting for me, not just because it is a “new” trend or “discovery of the past”, but because I lived it! So it is nice to see the “old days” made “new” again for the new generation (dammit I sound like THAT uncle telling stories around the TV during Chinese New Year visitations lor!).

The full write-up can be read on #GOLOCALSG - where I, f course, go on and on, and.. you know the blog-drill hahahaha (:p).

“Public Garden Consumer Trade Show” exhibits Saturday September 24th and ends Sunday September 25th (1PM - 7PM). Venue is Suntec City Convention Center Hall 403, Level 4. Find out more and sign up for their mailing list, via their Facebook and

#AdventureTime x #TheSimpsons SIMPSONS TIME Couch Gag Sequence

#AdventureTime x #TheSimpsons SIMPSONS TIME Couch Gag Sequence from Season 28 Ep. 1 of “THE SIMPSONS”, episode titled "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus”.

Other notable Counch Gags included the ”Otaku” Couch Gag and the ”Anime Tribute” … well, “notable” to this blog anyways :)

And if you are into Simpons Toys, LEGO and Collectibles, you’ve got to CLICK HERE to view #onTOYSREVIL!

Frank Kozik's Hooverville Labbit from Kidrobot


KID ROBOT PRESS: ”From the creative mind of Frank Kozik comes a new twist on the classic Smorkin' Labbit! This 10" Hooverville Labbit is a throwback to the depression era with his frayed overalls and stubble! The vintage black, grey and white colorway is available in stores and on The orange colorway is available exclusively on! Hooverville Labbit is the perfect addition to any Labbit collection!

Labbit is a rabbit character created by pop artist Frank Kozik. Most famous in the original Smorkin' Labbit variety, Labbit can also be found sporting a handsome 'stache (and even the occasional beard).”


Tenacious Toys Exclusives for #NYCC2016 (Part Two)

Tenacious Toys unleashes MORE exclusives destined for New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) Booth #309 - with this news cycle featuring Tenacious Tiki Figure by NEMO (Resin / 15 pieces / $25 each), Blue GID Pocket Oop by Matt Obscure Perez (2” tall / resin / limited to 15 pieces / $20 each), Clear Blue Skippy by Renone & Rufus (2” resin figure / exclusive blue color / 10 pieces at $35 each), and an exclusive colorway of Touma's 1.5" Pico Mao micro soft vinyl figure. 50 pieces made in this special Tenacious color combo, exclusive for the Tenacious shop and for NYCC @ US$15 each!


Vinyl Exclusives from Super7 at #NYCC2016

This is Part One of the Vinyl Exclusives from Super7 set to hit New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) Booth #126 - featuring alternative colorways of SKELETOR and BEASTMAN from the “Masters of the Universe” line, WING KONG “Maroon Baboon” Edition and Steve Caballero’s “Original Orange” CAB DRAGON. Stay tuned for MORE and updates via Instagram @super7store.

Rato Kim’s BOXCATS at #NYCC2016

South Korean artist Rato Kim and her BoxCats will be represented at the coming New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) at TWO booths!

BreadCat, WatermelonCat, PeachCat and the special edition WoodCat will be available at the myplasticheart booth #113 - Priced between US$58-$135 each.

Breadcat (A,C type), WatermelonCat and Pumpkin Cat can be found at the Martian Toys booth #214 - Priced between US$58 - $90 each.

Looks like you might have to go to BOTH booths to score a complete set of 4 x BreadCats too! Without a doubt that’s what I would do if ever I am at NYCC! Well, it would be boss to step unto American soil for the first time at all in the first place hahahahaha

#DesignerCon 2016 www launched!

The new DESIGNER CON 2016 website at has just been launched, featuring a fancy new interface, with select info listed, including tickets purchasing, and listings of Designer Con 2016 Panels & Party - including the following:

More To Do Than Ever - Get a VIP ticket for Designer Con 2016 Panels & Party!
Watch exciting live panels during the day and then celebrate with us the growth of Designer Con with our official Saturday night party. The party and panels are accessible with a VIP Ticket purchase.

The MC, Mark Brickey
From the popular podcast Adventures in Design, Mark Brickey is our master of ceremonies for the panels.

Live DJ Z-Trip
Turntablist icon Z-Trip joins the party and spins his magic while the artists show off their talents.

Secret Walls
Watch artists battle it out for victory in the live Secret Walls event happening during the after party.

Special Panelists
Special industry and celebrity panelists are here to speak to you and get your questions answered.

Access Exclusives
Party-goers will have access to exclusive, limited merchandise designed by artists just for the party.

The Rose
The best part is all this amazing-ness is happening right across the street from the convention at The Rose.

EVENT PRESS: "Designer Con returns with a BANG in 2016, adding 20,00 sq ft of space and an additional venue! Among this year's event plans, DCon is working with Adventures in Design to MC special panels, presenting an art show exhibit with 1000 toys from Japan, and teaming up with Crewest Studios for a Saturday night party! Last year, Designer Con geared up its' time machine for a slight diversion to the '80s. This year, the event's soft theme will be the 1990s! And, that's not all -- Designer Con 2016 has, even more surprises to be announced, so stay tuned. Be sure to pen November 19-20 in your calendar!"

Designer Con 2016
November 19-20th, 2016
Nov. 19 (Saturday) : 9 am - 6 pm
Nov. 20 (Sunday) : 10 am - 5 pm

Pasadena Convention Center - Exhibit Hall
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101
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