Pucky’s Pookie Circus Online Drop on Oct 29th by Unbox Industries

Pookie Circus Online Drop 01

Scheduled for an online drop this Saturday October 29th at is Pucky’s POOKIE HAND PAINTED LIMITED EDITION SIGNED SETS - featuring her Pookie Circus character figures priced at US$290 for a complete set of four vinyl figures, with each hand painted with art direction by Pucky herself, and individually signed and numbered by Pucky.

19:00PM (Hong Kong)
12:00PM (United Kingdom)
07:00AM (USA East Coast)
04:00AM (USA West Coast)

Pookie Circus Online Drop 02
PRESS: "With a childhood divided between Hong Kong and Canada, Pucky grew up between two cultures, which prompted her to explore creatively the value of identity and the meaning of belonging. After graduation from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver in 2008, she returned to Hong Kong, where she works as a freelance artist and illustrator and created the brand "Pookie". Pucky's work is a combination of cute and dark, showing an integrated harmony where opposites like good and evil or love and fear, co-exist."
As well Pucky is in Singapore for this weekend’s Illustrators Art Fest (at LASALLE College of the Arts), where she will also be making available “around 5 sets” of Pookie too! (Blogged)

2017 Nissan Rogue | ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY | Battle-Tested

Standing at the aisle space in front of the Star Wars shelves in Toys’R’Us this Friday afternoon, I was contemplating paying for a Jyn Erso and K-2SO from the new blister carded series (priced at SG$18- per)… but eventually held back my purchase because: (A) Saving up $$$ to spend at the Illustrators Arts Fest this weekend .. and (B) Hopefully somewhere down the line they’d release a much larger K-2SO, and cheaper too, thanks.

PUCKY for Illustrator’s Market @ Illustrator Arts Festival 2016 at LASALLE College of the Arts (Oct 29-30)

Pucky for IAF 2016

Hong Kong based illustrator Pucky will be heading to Singapore this weekend, and be setting up at the ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET - for the inaugural Illustrators Art Festival, to be held at LASALLE College of the Arts (1 McNally St, S187940).

She will be bringing her POOKIE CIRCUS and SPACE CLOWN! Pookie Circus is produced by Unbox Industries and made their debut at the recent Taipei Toy Festival 2016 - this will be the first time released since then!

Pookie Circus TTF2016

Alas her “Space Clown” (seen directly below) - made with How2Works - has since been *Sold Out of their 50pcs run, but she will have a single piece for display at the event. And from her pictures, she’ll be bringing along two custom hand-painted 400% BE@RBRICKS! (Not wholly sure off they are for sale tho … :p).

Pucky Bearbricks

In addition to her 3D collectibles, she will be bringing along art prints, and themed phone cases (featured below / phone case 6 and 7) and postcards, amongst others. Head on over and say HI, and tell her TOYSREVIL SENT YOU!

Meanwhile you can stay connected to her / / Instagram @puckyart.

A Stranger Things Christmas

In this Peanuts/Stranger Things mash-up, Will Byers returns home from the upside down, but can't seem to shake off that traumatic experience. Created by Leigh Lahav (PATREON) & Oren Mendez, featuring the voices of Alex Jebb Quine, Dylan Neumeyer, Nicholas Polley and Rylan Bailey.

Cats vs Zombies

CATS vs ZOMBIES in lieu of the latest Season opener of The Walking Dead which saw fatalities finally happening since the [revious season’s cliffhanger. I’ve not followed TWD since Season Two, so I’d actually searched thru Facebook to find out the spoilers on WHO caught the end of Negan’s baseball bat LOL

Meanwhile, I now have straightup “cats” on TOYSREVIL … get used to it, fhanks :)


STORMBRUSH for Illustrator’s Market @ Illustrator Arts Festival 2016 at LASALLE College of the Arts (Oct 29-30)

Calvin Chua of STORMBRUSH will be setting up at the ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET - for the inaugural Illustrators Art Festival, to be held at LASALLE College of the Arts (1 McNally St, S187940) - where he will offering up Prints (sized A5-A1), his Sketchbook (“Storm Debris Vol 1”) and even his original Inktober sketches as well (Featured #onTOYSREVIL) - a select few are featured below, for your kind purchasing considerations :)


*Storm Debris Vol.1 Sketchbook*

As well on show will a Calvin’s very own 3D-printed figure bust; “KANZA” (featured below) - which he has been sculpting, based on his own original design - a painted prototype of what might be coming someday soon!

Head on to Table A12 and tell him TOYSREVIL SENT YOU! And as well stay connected to Stormbrush via / / Instagram @stormbrush!

*Original Inktober sketches*
Stormbrush IAF2016


THE BACKPACK by Alex Pardee x Mighty Jaxx Drops Oct 29th

"PACK & BACK crossed paths while scouring the shores of a poisonous bog, and unexpectedly became immediate friends after sharing their mutual love for dirt. It was from that point on, that the new best friends shared their skills and abilities with each other, forming…THE BACKPACK, the greatest treasure hunters in the land of Yux."
The Back Pack” by Alex Pardee will be launching this weekend on the October 29th on Limited to 200pcs, the 8.5" tall collectible will be priced at US$120 each. 8.5"

Check out the full figure on display at STGCC HERE!

(PARTIAL) STORY: "Every brawn needs a brain, and every brain needs a best friend!

Two lonely treasure hunters, PACK & BACK, lived on opposite ends of the land of YUX, where they embarked separately on many quests in search of ancient artifacts scattered around the vibrant landscapes.

While adventuring alone Pack was obsessed with the dirt and studying different types of soil while deducting where buried treasures may lie. However due to the lack of strength and skills to dig, Pack is limited on its own.

On the opposite end of Yux, you have another lonely treasure hunter known as Back who was strong and mighty unlike Pack. He too had a penchant for digging treasures only because he loveeeeed eating dirt!"

The Last Why (JP Toys exclusive) by Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise announces their next product to be a “JP Toys” exclusive, with THE LAST WHY scheduled for a pre-order beginning November 1st (@ 00:00am HKT) via

This piece sees the Lowfool “Batman”-inspired figure (last seen as “The Last Ride” (seen at TTF2016) now transformed into the Joker-version (ala the Suicide Squad version that never saw any theatrical screen time but is sold by everybody else lol), featuring glow-in-the-dark elements!

Priced at US$295 (+30US Global Shipping) and limited to 200 pieces worldwide (Available to ship on 4th quarter 2016), Lowfool stands at an approximate 33cm tall, and the set features Vinyl (Glow in the Dark), PVC, ABS, Resin, Fabric-makes.

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]

"Day's Eye” - New Works by Mariangela Tan @ Woot Bear (Opens Nov 5th)

Opening November 5th (from 6pm-9pm) at Woot Bear in San Francisco, is "Day's Eye: New Works by Mariangela Tan" - an exhibition featuring fiber sculptures and illustrations that ”represent life's constant offering of new beginnings through change and mutation,” by Brooklyn based artist and designer Mariangela Tan - previews of which are feature here in this post!

This exhibition will be on display from 11/5/16- 12/5/16. Stay connected to Instagrams @plushplay & @wootbearbelly for updates!

(Title: "It was fascination, I know" Size: 24" x 24" (12"diameter) Materials: wool, paper)
ABOUT THE ARTIST: "Mariangela Tan is a Brooklyn based artist and designer. Her themes often include explorations of sentimentality through tangible objects, and frequently crossover into the world of toys and consumables. Her current work showcases wool fiber and crepe paper that has been transformed into delicate floral arrangements with the mutation of fasciations that reflect her own personal transformations. These wild unpredictable changes cannot be controlled or directed in the natural world. So often inspired by the wonders and oddities of nature, she uses them as symbols of transformation that we can all relate to.”

(Title: "Tamed Rose"
Size: rose approx 6" tall, 4" diameter Materials: wool, paper, wire)

”Reconstructing these mutations under glass allows the audience an opportunity to examine the triggers of sentiment and obsession that may have once been buried or lost. Their rediscovery represents a very personal evolution for the artist that connects her with the observer on an emotional level.
Mariangela's work has been showcased in galleries and boutiques across the US and has attracted the attention of collectors globally. Along with her artist husband Justin Alan Volpe, they create heirloom quality collectibles and pop culture inspired goods collectively and independently."

(Title: "Double Happiness"
Size: flower approx 7", 5.5" diameter Materials: wool, foil paper, wire)

Woot Bear (
@ 1512 Haight St,San Francisco CA 94117
Date & Time: 6pm – 9pm PST

Limited Edition Blown Away "Horror" Custom Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem Available Only at

KID ROBOT PRESS: ”Limited Edition Blown Away "Horror" Custom Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem - with this limited edition series featuring 3-inch, 5-inch and 8-inch versions of the popular Blown Away style Dunny in new "Horror" colorways just in time for Halloween! The Blown Away Dunny has been modified with resin drips and acrylic paints to create a wind swept appearance. Kidrobot and Josh Mayhem have previously partnered together to release several different limited edition Blown Away Dunny Series.” Available now exclusively on

Head on over to THIS Facebook post for chase/variant ratios and individual images!

Sketchbooks from ROCKETRAYGUN & KIERAN KUDIDOS @ ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET (Illustration Arts Festival 2016) Oct 29-30th

Debuting at the coming weekend’s ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET (as part of the Illustration Arts Festival 2016) are two NEW sketchbooks from Kelvin Chan AKA Rocket Raygun, and his son “Kieran Kudidos”!

We have a few page-snaps to share, from both Kieran Kudidos’ first sketchbook (*A very limited quantity has been specially printed for this weekend's event), and as well Kelvin’s first dedicated water-colour art! Pre-order via the comments section here on Facebook, or bring CASH to their table A13, and have the artists autograph your books on the spot!


Also available at A13 will be prints, more sketchbooks and merchandise by
Woofer Rae, Kieran Kudidos and Kelvin himself.

ILLUSTRATOR'S MARKET on Sat Oct 29th and Sun Oct 30th (from 11am - 6pm) at LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally St, 187940.


"Cute But Deadly" Series 2 from Blizzard Entertainment

Cute But Deadly 2

Here’s a peek at “CUTE BUT DEADLY” figures Blizzard Entertainment are releasing Blizzcon 2016 (Nov 4-5, 2016) - including characters from their video game properties, including Overwatch, Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo!

Developed by Bigshot Toyworks, who collaborated with Blizzard for their “Cute and Deadly” mini figures circa 2013, with Happy Worker Toys - the “Cute but Deadly Series 2” is available blind boxed US$10 per online. These “Super-Deformed”-styled figures stand between 2.5" - 3" tall ... and keep a lookout of them "chase" variant colorways too!

Cute But Deadly S2 Box

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