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AX2 Seen @ Wonder Festival (Winter) 2018

LUCKY KATJU (Gold Edition) by Chris Pyrate x Strangecat Toys Releases for Pre-orders on Feb 19th

Toystation88 Exclusive Edition "Sharko & Remi" by Quiccs x CHK DSK x Devil Toys

"Year of the Earth Dog Chinese New Year Red DANGER DOG " from Tenacious Toys

BlackBook Toy Post-WF Lottery Sales (Applications: Feb 21-24)

AWABI ARMY ABALONE by Mame Moyashi for pre-order

FOXY (in Vinyl) from Wetworks

CORSTEN The Resin Corgi by Tranimate

The GRUM REAPUR Has Arisen!

The Gigantic Crab Kaiju - CONVICT Version by Jubi Yang for Lottery Sale!

TEQ63: DIY Blank Edition & The Coming of "RAVAGER [TEQ63]"

Paradise Toys Exclusive Sleepwalker Offspring and Daydream Nimbus from Kurobokan for Feb 19 Release!

Ozzo Collection's DUNNY SWAP!

Wonder Festival 2018 (Winter) at MAKUHARI MESSE on February 18th